Hudson Pines Farm was started with a commitment by the late Peggy Rockefeller, who dedicated her life to the preservation of agriculture and the advancement of the Simmental breed. After her passing in March of 1996, it was the desire of her husband, David Rockefeller, to keep the farm going on the same vigorous path that she had set.

Hudson Pines Farm has been in the Simmental business for over two and a half decades. We have made a lot of friends and would like to express our deep gratitude to all of the people who have used our genetics over the years. We are confident that we are on the cutting edge with our genetics and are expecting to improve even more.

We use an extensive embryo program to further enhance the production of superior females. The HPF influence is being felt across the United States and foreign countries by cattlemen and producers who have selected for performance in their cattle, through the use of HPF genetics.

Our cows have volume, capacity, spring of rib, and can thrive in any environment, while raising the kind of calves that fit the market.

At a time when optimizing performance is critical to maximizing profits, HPF cattle will work for you. They are predictable, consistent and reliable. They are the kind of cattle that we need now, and in the years to come.

Our customers are #1 with us. They know we stand behind our cattle and when they buy from us they are buying dependable cattle backed by dependable people.

Again, thank you ever so much and we look forward to many more prosperous and exciting years to come.


180 Bedford Road
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
Phone: (914) 631-1154
Fax: (914) 333-0136


Owner/Executive Director

General Manager

RYAN HAEFNER, Farm Manager
(815) 499-0522 - cell

(815) 499-9875


TYLER BABBS, Show & Sale Cattle

RYAN LONG, Show and Sale Cattle

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